Design and production

Optimisation of the production process and improvement of the finished product
Thanks to its team of specialised engineers and technicians, AL-GAR is able to design and manufacture all manner of in-house machinery that is customised to meet our clients’ production needs.
Thanks to its knowledge and innovation approach, AL-GAR’s solutions contribute towards the improvement of processes while providing increased productivity, energy savings and a better finished product.
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Control Systems

The development of the machinery's different control systems guarantees an optimum production, which favours the quality of the finished product and productivity while providing savings in raw materials and energy resources.
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Update and improvement of the machinery’s features
Through expert analysis, AL-GAR is able to offer services aimed at updating, adapting or automating any machinery that has lost its original features and increased its deficiencies due to its usage or a change of property.
By means of our Retrofit services for machinery or facilities, we are able to improve precision, performance and productivity in order to continue to offer an optimum finished product and improved profit margins.
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Increased durability of the machinery
In aid of maintaining in-house or third-party manufactured machinery in optimum conditions where their features are concerned while also increasing their durability, AL-GAR offers customised mechanical, electrical and pneumatic maintenance plans, guaranteeing the best possible operational capabilities and optimum human resources management.
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