Our expert knowledge in the corrugating cardboard industry and the professionalism of our structure, international coverage and client services of excellence allow us to offer  comprehensive customised solutions while providing tangible benefits for our clients.

An expert team

Made up of multidisciplinary profile professionals in both engineering and corporate affairs, which allows us to provide solutions that are fully adapted to the needs of each client.

Customised solutions

Our accumulated knowledge of the sector allows us to advance proactively while detecting client needs in order to offer them custom solutions.


AL-GAR's corporate structure is based on efficient internal management processes and outstanding client services, which is the best combination for guaranteeing an outstanding response for our clients.

Worldwide coverage

AL-GAR operates internationally, lending services globally and maintaining optimum client service standards.

Client focus

AL-GAR’s solutions are designed and developed based on the individual needs of our clients while prioritising productivity and the optimisation of results for our clients’ companies.


Thanks to our corporate philosophy whereby innovation is prioritised, we are furnished with the latest technological innovations to offer solutions at all levels.